Shopping is a craze, an attitude, a status, a freedom, an entertainment with good time pass and off course, a choice! With time, shopping styles have changed. Now we are facilitated with enough modes to shop and the textile industry is not going to see any recession till humans exist in the milky way!

I have a dress designed in my mind. Can anyone tell where could I go to buy or which designer can design it the way I want? Any particular brand or mall or boutique, city or country?

The Description Of My Dress Is As Below

Wanna shop for my lifeless body,
Anyway it will have to become muddy.
A shroud which no one buys for oneself,
This will complement as my last better self.
Last dress for this body, a last covering,
Which will have zero chance of recovering.
Does anybody weave a shroud??
Last day! Where I will be surrounded by a crowd.
Weave it with all my unfilled dreams,
With these on my bier, I will scream.
They might get fulfilled there.
But, where is this there?
Will I go nowhere?
Either to heaven, which lies behind the beautiful sky.
Or to hell, which lies below the lively earth.
Weave it with my all untouched desires.
Make it world’s most beautiful attire.
From that very day, I will be countless,
As from all this fake Worldliness I will be boundless.
Which weaving industry should I contact?
Is this just an abstract?

No more a human, just a HUWOMAN. Ex-servant of private sector. Sapiosexual