6 Tips To Style A Basic White Shirt

A white shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. There are multiple ways by which you can wear the same white shirt and create a new look new every time. Keeping in mind the trend and the occasion, pair it up with almost everything.

Invest in a quality white shirt with a good fabric. Buy a new one if you don’t already have it. Stay ensured, you will not regret it.

1. Layer It

Layer it Style shirt

You can flaunt your white shirt under a strapless dress or even a tank top. This is a great way to create an edgy outfit. You can even wear it unbuttoned over a dress or a strappy top.

Layering is ideal for both summer and breezy days. You can pull it off on an evening out with girlfriends or on a brunch date. Just slip on your sneakers and get your big handbag. You are ready to step out.

2. The Backward Style

The Backward Style shirtGet creative and wear your button down shirt backwards. Keep the top few buttons open for a sensual look. This perfect casual outfit can be completed by wearing high rise distressed denims or high pants. You can even go for fringed denims. Wear your favourite shoes and get your sling bag ready.

3. Corset

Courset Style shirt

Get a properly tailored shirt with no extra fabric. Also ensure that the hemline is not too short. Wear your corset over it and you are ready with a classy outfit. You can wear a solid coloured corset or a printed one.

You can take a handbag and slip on a pair of wedges to go along with the outfit. A glamorous yet simple look, you can wear it to a day out with friends or to go shopping at the mall.

4. Tie It

tie it white shirt

Tie your white button down shirt below your bust line and show off your stomach. This is a perfect summer outfit which you can wear to a picnic or to just hangout with your friends.

Pair up the shirt with high rise denims or shorts, put on a pair of sneakers and wear your sunnies for a complete look.

5. Get Beachy

beach wear Style shirt

The one accessory you can take along with you on your next beach vacation is a white shirt. This particular piece of garment will look great with any colour or print of swim wear that you decide to wear.

Go for a simple shirt with sleeves which you can fold on your arms while you lounge around in the sun. This is one look which will make sure that your vacay pictures are envy of everyone.

6. High- Rise

High rise Style shirt

Who doesn’t know that white shirt and denims is the classiest look? You can wear it to any occasion and can never go wrong with it.

Tuck in your white shirt in high rise denims or shorts. High- waist bottoms can make your waistline look small.

There still are various ways by which you can pull of your basic white shirt. Try it with different outfits and show- off a new look every time.

Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for True Corset for sometime now. A traveller by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.