To mostly all the guys, girls seem to be pretty complicated, but girls are we? Mostly all men think that impressing a girl is a huge task, and honestly, it isn’t! And not all girls need expensive gifts, big surprises and lavish dates to make them happy, but some sweet gestures that can make their day. Here are some sweetest things that girls just adore!

1. Good morning beautiful!

You both may be busy in your lives and might not get time to talk or chat all day long, but a good morning text from you can make her day!

2. Surprise her

Surprise her with a rose or her favourite chocolate when you see her after a hectic day at work. You don’t really need occasions to give flowers, do it randomly, it is what makes her feel more special.

3. Have a meal together

Having a busy schedule? Don’t get time to see her often? Just when you find a little time, go out for a lunch or dinner together, tell her how much you miss her. Remember, it is always spending quality time with each other, showing that you care, rather than just saying it.

4. Be her strength

Everybody has flaws, so rather than pointing at the areas she lacks, tell her how she can better herself. Make her feel confident and instead of telling her that she can’t do it, tell her she can do what others can’t!

5. Hold hands

This one may sound a little mushy, but girls love when you hold her hand out of nowhere while you are hanging out together.

6. Tell her your secrets

Tell her your tiny little secrets that no one knows, it may be anything from your weaknesses, your fears or some childhood memory.

7. Listen!

One of the most important and tiniest things a guy could do for his girl is listening to her ranting about random stuff you don’t even know. This might be about her bitchy boss, a girlfriend who ditched her or a pesky guy at her workplace!

8. Take her out along with your friends

Girls love it when you take them along when you have other plans with your best buddies! Introduce her to your childhood friends, and help her get to know them too. This would also help her get to know you better.

9. Express your feelings to her

It isn’t important to tell her every day that ‘I love you’, show her that you love her and care for her. It is not the words, but your gestures that would make her feel loved and special. Express your feelings once in a while, tell her that you just can’t afford to lose her.

10. Let her eat that burger

If she is PMSing or is in a bad mood for some reason, comfort her with her favorite junk food. Let her eat that extra cheesy burger because you know it will lift up her mood in seconds!